Retirement 401k & IRA Investment Calculator App Reviews

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Not Good

Cant even open it. Keeps getting back to main screen when you try to open the app.

It works but....

Its kind of a waste of $2 really. Considering there are about a billion free apps that do the exact same thing. I could have put this $2 towards my retirement!


App is junk and crashes immediately. Apple is asleep on this one.

Limited value at best

This app doesnt allow you to save any calculations. You therefore have to re-enter your balance (and other values over & over). Save your two bucks & use Excel.

Google it instead.

This is a very simple calculator. Let me illustrate. Take your 1.99 8% interest 30 years $20.02 woohoo Thats the ENTIRE app


Talk about a waste of money. It is a very simple compounding calculator that is available on the internet for free. Then they want you to open an account! An account for what I do not know, and I am not interested. Dont waste your money.

Stopped working

This app has stopped working. When trying to activate the app it only reverts back to my home page.


Doesnt even open. BS


Should have read the reviews. The app crashes immediately.

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